They reveal Pampita’s gesture with Benjamín Vicuña after her father’s departure: she traveled to Chile to accompany him

In the middle of the week, the departure of Benjamín Vicuña’s father, who had been in a delicate state for some time, was confirmed.

The news was confirmed by the actor himself through his social networks.

“You wore out all your shoes traveling the world and today the world is in a knot and it gets in my throat. A tough corny, a cowboy without a horse, a noble and direct gentleman. The last of the romantics who left everything for love, I see that he comes from family. Today you can dance rock and roll again, today you hug your mother and your granddaughter, in what I’m sure will be a cosmic party. Let’s shine Father, Don Juan Pablo ”, he wrote on his Instagram account.

Trip to Chile

For the same reason, the actor traveled from Argentina to Chile to be with his close circle in this complex family moment.

Of course, an unexpected personality also arrived in the country. According to what was reported by the Argentine media TNPampita also crossed the mountain range with her children, Bautista, Beltrán and Benicio, to fix her former partner.

However, the communicator also took advantage of the trip to be together on an important date for the family, since this Thursday, September 8, marked the 10th anniversary of the death of her daughter Blanca.

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