They record meteorite that passed through the skies of Scotland

Users on social networks recorded a meteorite that passed through the skies of southern Scotland and northern England. The incident was recorded on Wednesday, September 14.

The videos on social networks show what appears to be a meteorite, with the different videos posted by Internet users going viral.

In the images you see a round object covered in fire, which alerted many of the people.

For its part, the UK Meteor Network (UK Meteor Network) explained on its Twitter account that it is investigating the event. Reason for which she has not issued an official statement. However, they called for citizens to report from which sites they managed to capture the object.

“One of the best fireball videos seen tonight. We are investigating to determine what the object was. Meteorites or space debris,” the state entity testified in a tweet.

In turn, they announced that they were also informed about a celestial body sighted from several cities in the area, such as: Renfrewshire, Ayrshire, Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Edinburgh, Limekilns, among others.

In the same way, they participated that the meteorite passed through the Scottish sky around 10 p.m. on September 14.

Among the recorded and viralized videos, it can be seen that said unidentified object had a bright color. And apparently it would have fallen somewhere in Edinburgh that same night. Despite the fact that until now the remains of the shiny body have not been found.

Likewise, the UK Meteor Network determined on Twitter that people have linked the glowing body with UFO events. So they call on citizens not to get involved in such information. As well as these photographs are not used without prior approval.

Main news source: Week.

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