“They offered me communion and I rejected it”: Fran García-Huidobro deepened in De tú a tú complex moment of health that he lived in 2019

The former jury of Here is Dancing, Fran García-Huidobro is the guest tonight on Channel 13’s talk show, De tú a tú.

The former Primer Plano will talk with Martín Cárcamo about various personal topics such as her romance with Cristián de la FuenteJorge Zabaleta and a hard moment she experienced in 2019 as a result of a multisystem failure that led her to fight for her life hospitalized for a month.

“I have memories that they offered me communion and I refused it. One dies with boots on. If they offer you communion, which is how extreme unction is now called, it means that you are dying,” said García-Huidobro.

“I am a person who eats very poorly, I don’t do sports, I drank a lot of drinks at that time, I drank more than I ate. The drink is something social, entertaining. Instead, eating for me is like taking a shower, ”she confessed about the reasons that led her to suffer from the disease.

“I have the best mom in the world”

“I don’t have anorexia, because I don’t look fat, nor am I bulimic, because I don’t vomit food. I simply find that eating is a procedure, like sleeping, ”she said, assuring that after the hard moment she managed to reconcile with her mother.

“When I was in the sick clinic I don’t remember opening an eye without seeing my mom sitting there (…) I have the best mom in the world. I rarely gave my mom the place she deserves. My mom is the average mom. Since January 3, 2020, there is not a day that I do not call my mother, and today we are accomplices, “she said in the program that will be broadcast tonight after Tele13 Central.

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