“They look at me as if I were an actress”: Raquel Argandoña revealed a striking experience that she lived in the middle of her vacations

Raquel Argandoña went on a trip to the Caribbean on the days of the national holidays in the country. La Quintrala and her friend, the designer Víctor González, left for San Martín to enjoy the paradisiacal beaches of the island.

The panelist from Star Zone She was in the eye of the hurricane this Wednesday, after her fiancé Félix Ureta launched some rude insults in the comments of a live broadcast that Raquel made.

However, Quintrala left the controversy behind and is enjoying her vacation in the Caribbean.

Through her stories, Raquel gave some details of how her stay was and also revealed a striking experience.

“I wanted to dress like this for breakfast, why not? One has to be 100% attitude in life, ”said Argandoña in the registry, while she wore a light blue, tight and short dress.

“I had to wear these heels because Victor told me ‘no, forget about the Hawaiians’ but it doesn’t matter. There are few people, but I have to look great, ”she commented.

Along the same lines, he added that “nobody knows who I am here, but they still look at me as if I were an actress.”

Likewise, her travel companion assured that yesterday they had asked Raquel if she was an artist. “Yesterday they asked and we said we were from Chile,” Argandoña replied, adding that everyone knew about our country.

Check out Raquel Argandoña’s stories below:

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