“They have done shit to me…”: the release of Marisol Pierola after her criticized participation in El Discípulo del Chef

This Sunday there was tension in the program Chef’s Disciple with the elimination of Marisol Pierola. The participant had a controversial step through the competition, marked by her constant discussions with chef China Bazán Y his companions.

In the elimination chapter, The kitchen said goodbye to the program with a strong accusation: she assured that Natalia Duco boycotted her dish by adding salt.

During a conversation with Page 7, Marisol made a strong release for what was her participation in the program. He criticized not only the blue team, but also threw his darts against Bazán.

“I tried to do the best I could. It was hard for me to adapt to working in a group, because my team was never united, it was always a mess, everyone pulled for their side and they didn’t let me try other dishes. They always threw shit at me, ”said the former participant of bake-off.

“He was despot”

He also reviewed the tense relationship he had with the leader of his team, assuring that Bazán from the day he began to “treat her badly.”

“He never explained things to me well and when he did it on screen, he did it to the lot. The chef never let me be, on the other hand, the other girls put up with everything. With me he was always a despot ”, criticized Pierola.

Along the same lines, she confessed that at the beginning she was happy that Bazán had chosen her for her team, but that she soon regretted it.

Marisol also made a harsh revelation about what happened on the day they recorded her elimination. “(China Bazán) She invited everyone to a barbecue, and do you think she mentioned me? Because they were going to celebrate the dirty thing they did to me, ”she assured.

Regarding Duco’s “betrayal”, Marisol pointed out that “maybe they forced her, but it was intentional, you can see it on camera. It was to eliminate me, I trusted her.” For the same reason, she assured that she thought it would be Giovanni Cárdenas who would betray her “but not the person she considered my friend. That is the biggest pain I have.”

Likewise, Marisol made a self-criticism and assured that “it would change having lowered the revolutions and not having altered me so much”.

“They did shit to me”

Along the same lines, he ruled out the possibility of a playoff since they were currently in competition alone. However, if he could return, he would not do so in the same group with China Bazán.

“I didn’t go back to the blue team or shit…, she (China) didn’t like me. I don’t like cynicism and the whole team wanted me to leave, starting with the chef and I’m not going to talk to a person who doesn’t love me and with a team that screwed me over, “she assured.

Marisol also confessed that she loved Natalia Duco very much and that “I have cried a lot, I never thought I would do that to get kicked out. But life is a boomerang and everything comes back.”

Finally, Pierola referred to the criticism she has received from viewers and sent a message to all those who attacked her.

“They didn’t let me be or show my work well. I’m not that bad, they’ve done shit to me. I acted badly, but I never got carried away on set, it was off, but it’s part of the game. What hurts me the most about this exit is the betrayal and I do not forgive that, “concluded Marisol.

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