“They hated me with all their soul”: the unusual plot twist that Lola gave after Maricarmen Arrigorriaga’s drastic decision

Maricarmen Arrigorriaga went back to a conflictive episode she experienced when they were recording LolaTV series on Channel 13 between 2007 and 2008, starring Blanca Lewin and Jorge Alberti.

At that time, in the first part of this melodrama, she played Flora Soto, a domestic worker who arrived in Santiago and ended up married to her boss, Carlos Aguirre, played by Héctor Noguera.

When the extension of the plot was confirmed, Maricarmen’s colleagues got a raise, so she was encouraged to make the same request, according to what was recorded Fotech. This is mine, she thought.

Thus, he related, “I go, convert and ask them to raise it for me; They told me no, so I’m leaving, and I left.” Faced with his resounding decision, “they hated me with all their soul, but I said that if they are going to raise salaries, let them all go up”, while the producer Verónica Saquel “could not believe it”, she detailed.

What do we do?

Faced with this new scenario, the production had to manage to do something with Flora, Maricarmen’s character.

“I laughed alone, I couldn’t believe it,” she recalled about the decision, because “they invented that I had fallen from a plane and that they changed her face; however, “they changed her face, body, legs, hair, everything”, something that clearly did not seem very plausible, in the purest style of what, long years later, would be hidden truths (Mega).

It was Renata Bravo who took that post.

“For me, the dresses were mid-calf length; they were left on Renata’s knee”, furthermore, “she was almost as tall as ‘Tito’ Noguera.

In summary, seeing the plot from the outside, “I laughed a lot when I was no longer in the TV series”, because, “Renata is dry imitating”.

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