“They fought …”: the unexpected decision that Pampita made after Benjamín Vicuña’s love break

The repercussions continue after the love break between Benjamín Vicuña and Eli Sulichín, which became an obligatory theme in Farandulandia in Argentina.

In fact, now the media on the other side of the mountain range revealed what would have been the position of Pampita, former Chilean actor and until now a friend of Sulichín, after learning of the separation.

The chip was thrown this Tuesday by the journalist Karina Iavícoli in the show Partners of the show, from El Trece. According to her, she recorded, the model lent Benjamín clothes and distanced herself from the socialized.

Pampita’s decision

“They are not friends, they fought,” warned the communicator in the entertainment space.

It should be noted that the news of the break between Eli and Benja came after the leak of a fight they had where he puts the dots on the i’s in the face of constant recriminations about their former partners.

“Enough of China, Carolina and your threats,” he would have told him in the middle of the discussion.

Of course, it was Vicuña himself who broke the silence and put cold cloths on the situation in the last few hours.

“Look, I’m going to ask you… I’m very embarrassed. I have nothing to say, it’s a shame, I have the best with Eli, she is a super woman, that she manipulates herself so much and things are distorted, “Benjamín replied to the questions of the El Trece notary.

And along the same lines, she added that “she has been a super partner, so I don’t have to go out and say anything, she knows that, her family knows, I know. It’s a shame that everything gets dirty.”

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