“They didn’t want me there”: Margot Kahl recalled her difficult time on Channel 13

The animator Margot Kahl caught the attention of the media after remembering her time on Channel 13 and the hard days she faced at the station.

The new host of TVN was honest in conversation with The Mercuryrecalling his time on Channel 13 between 2002 and 2004, years in which he left the public channel and Good morning everyone to experiment with new projects that did not turn out the way he wanted.

“I got there thinking that it was going to be exactly the same as what I had experienced on TVN, that teamwork would be done, but it was not like that. Imagine that my welcome meeting was to tell me that they didn’t want me there, “she said, remembering how her days were after arriving at the star” It’s finally Monday.

your difficult experience

“I’m not sure, but I think they hired me without the teams knowing and they may have felt overwhelmed. But that is an internal management issue that was not my responsibility, “he confessed, referring to rumors that her colleagues did not want to work with her in those years.

“My greatest pain, if I had any, was trying to understand what human beings were capable of doing with each other,” reflected Margot Kahl.

“Until then I had always been surrounded by container teams with whom I could trust, I knew there was loyalty and that if someone wanted to tell you something, they would say it to your face,” she added, generating various reactions.

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