They claim that The Pokémon Company does not have an anti-nuzlocke stance

We get an interesting message related to one of the most beloved franchises by nintenderos. It is indeed about Pokemon.

In the post that you have below, we can learn some details about a rumor that has been circulating recently in relation to the official position of Pokemon Company with the challenges nuzlocke. The controversy comes from a recent video of Kit Ellis and Krysta Yangex-members of Nintendo Minute: they affirmed that the company was not interested in this type of content.

Ellis claims that he was once presented with an idea for a nuzlocke for the Nintendo Minute, but was reportedly turned down by The Pokémon Company. For his part, Yang has stated that “there were many creators who played the nuzlocke style of Pokémon who were deleted from their creator program.”

However, now Joe Merrick, director of the popular Pokémon Serebii website, has stated that this is not true, that perhaps they did not understand his opinion and that The Pokémon Company has never had that position. These have been his words:

In fact, I have spoken to The Pokémon Company about this. They confirmed that this is incorrect. They haven’t eliminated people for doing nuzlocks or anything like that. They don’t care as long as you follow the limits of what is possible in the game.

I doubt this will go on that long because remember the saying I’m paraphrasing. “A lie can spread throughout the world before the truth can even be put in its place.” There is no story.

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