“They are ungrateful …”: Raquel Argandoña’s acid criticism of celebrities with whom she shared in La Divina Comida

Various comments were generated by the participation of Raquel Argandoña last Saturday in La Divina Comida, where she shared with Geraldine Neary, Leo Rey and Patricio Sotomayor.

And this Monday, the panelist from the Star Zone told details of the meeting. True to her style, she did not hold anything back and did not leave a puppet with a head when talking about her companions.

In fact, the Quintrala was left with the last bullet and criticized the attitude of the other diners. This, after acknowledging that they criticized the food he prepared for them.

“Yes, they are ungrateful … I later got stung”, recognized the former Welcome. “I don’t know if they edited or not, because I fell asleep … but they will never sit at a nicer table than mine,” she added.

Argandoña even criticized the grades she received, because despite the fact that they filled her with flowers, later “they still give you a 5 and do you know why they do that? so that one does not win, typical”.

The criticism of Raquel Argandoña

“If I have to criticize… very nice and everything, they’re charming, you swear they’ll give you a 7 or 6 at least. They eat everything and then criticize everything they eat, “fury added.

In fact, along the same lines, he maintained that “later in the note they were very tight, I found myself, for what I dedicated myself to the table and my preparation”.

Finally, he also revealed that despite these inconveniences, he agreed with the colleagues that he had to share.

“There are people that I would never, not even for all the money in the world, sit at my table,” he warned.

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