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The The UN asked Russia to reverse the law that was recently approved in this country, which further increases the repression against private individualsalthough initially it only affected organizations that had some type of political activity and received funds from abroad.

The law described these entities as “foreign agents”, but now this denomination also reaches people who may be under “influence” or “pressure” from outside, a imprecise accusation and that can be subject to multiple interpretations.

However, its consequences are very clear and imply, for example, that these people will not be able to teach in State establishments or create any type of information, among other serious limitations.

“We ask that Russia reconsider the expansion of the designation of foreign agent that includes individuals considered to be under foreign influence, and that criminalizes undeclared contacts with representatives of other states or international organizations,” said the UN deputy high commissioner for the human rights, Nada al-Nashif.

The UN is in a campaign to stop a very alarming trend that is being observed of punishment, by totalitarian States of their citizens, in case they collaborate with investigations of human rights violations, whether they are carried out by civil organizations or by United Nations commissions or experts.

In launching a world report on human rights, Al Nashif denounced that intimidation and sanctions continue in Russia against those who dare to criticize the aggression against Ukraine, in clear violation of the Russian Constitution.

At the opening session of the 51st session of the Human Rights Council, Al Nashif argued that censorship of all independent news sources in Russia – from established media outlets to bloggers – also continues, violating citizens’ right to information.

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