They affirm that Mauricio Pinilla and Gala Caldirola spent the National Holidays together: they even revealed their strategies to pass cool on the web

The former soccer player, Mauricio Pinilla and the former reality girl, Gala Caldirola return to the fore after it was revealed that they spent the National Holidays together.

TVN’s face is again in the crosshairs, after they affirmed that he spent the holiday with the Spanish outside of Santiago.

As detailed by the entertainment site, Infama, the lovebirds would have managed to enjoy the rest days together. This is how they revealed through their Instagram stories after users asked them if Gala Caldirola was in the field accompanied by the Chilean heartthrob.

“Does Pinilla walk with Gala in the field?” They were consulted, answering directly. “That’s right, I’ll explain to you the modus operandi they use to dissemble. Some time ago, Gala has been seen very close to the wife of Nico Peric, a very close friend of Pinilla, “said the site.

“Upload stories so that they believe that you are with your new friend”

“Gala was in Vilches, Maule region, at Peric’s house. And Pinilla was the same there at his father’s house, which is about 20 minutes from Peric’s house,” they said.

“Gala uploads stories so that they believe that she is with her new friend, but the reality is that it is only on screen, because she is really with Pinilla there. Peric and company help this couple to have a cool time, ”they explained, also posting photos of Peric’s grill and her family, comparing it with a record that the Spanish woman recently uploaded, who has not referred to the subject on her social networks.

Look at the photos below:

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