They affirm that Gala Caldirola would be meeting an outstanding player from Colo Colo

The former reality girl Gala Caldirola returns to the fore after a rumor emerged of an alleged new romance with a footballer.

After the Spanish was linked to the former soccer player and face of TVN, Mauricio Pinillais again in the eye of the hurricane because they claim that he is meeting an outstanding player from Colo Colo.

As detailed by the entertainment site infamethe current participant of El Discípulo del Chef would be going out with the Argentine white scorer, Juan Martín Lucero.

The media revealed that the influencer and the soccer player would have started following each other a few weeks ago, interacting on the web and even contacting her family, since the young woman followed the player’s sister, Victoria.

In addition, after the rumor, a record went viral where the Spanish appears posing for the camera next to black and white hearts that attracted attention as a supposed nod to the Colo Colo footballer.

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The influencer referred to the subject after being contacted by the media outlet, who asked her what kind of closeness she had with the player, to which Gala Caldirola replied without a filter. “Martin is part of a group of friends. Friends that I love a lot and with whom I have shared a thousand times. THEY ARE FRIENDS ”, she clarified, seeking to dismiss the rumor

Look at the photos below:

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