These would be the franchises of VALORANT America 2023

VALORANT franchises America 2023

The 2023 is slowly opening its doorsespecially in VALORANTwhere we already know EMEA franchise teams and now they start to sound America. The VALORANT 2023 you already have your professional circuit with a calendar renovatedwhere franchise leagues arrive to change everything. Each of these leagues will be composed of 10 teams that have gone through many phases of testing by RiotGames. The 10 teams that will integrate the franchise league of America in VALORANT 2023 are already beginning to emerge from the hand of the American journalist George Geddes. Meet all the teams that will be part of the largest American division of VALORANT here.

After months of long selection phases, Riot Games would already have the 10 teams that will be part of the Americas League in 2023. The American journalist @GeorgeCGed open the can and start drop accepted team names. Remember that this league will be made up of teams from North America, Latin America Y Braziluniting the three mighty regions into one ultra competitive league. This division, along with the Asian one, will be one of those greatest impact Y change will generate by uniting leagues that were already strong in the past to form a single tournament with big names.

In this article we invite you to meet each and every one of the teams that will be part of the 2023 Americas league. This same article is will update as the teams get to know each other, so if it’s not complete yet, stop by again so you don’t miss new names.

All franchise teams of VALORANT America 2023

  • Cloud9
  • NRG
  • Sentinels
  • KRU Esports
  • Leviathan
  • LOUD
  • Rage
  • MiBr
  • 100Thieves
  • To confirm

Sentinels does not fail and will be in the franchises

If there was a name that could not be missing in this league, it was Sentinels. the north american team most popular VALORANT joins the franchises in the first litter of three along with Cloud9, 100Thieves Y NRG. Among all the teams throughout the world, Sentinels is one of the teams that made the most merits to fit into the Riot Games requirements. The champion team Masters Reykjavik 2021 He managed to grow his name and brand to such an extent that after a disastrous 2022 his name was not diminished on the scene. The signing of the legend of CS:GO Michael Grzesiek «shroud» was one of the movements that cause more stir on the scene even though the results of the club led them to not participate in any international tournament. Nevertheless, Sentinels it is the most popular brand of all, with bets outside the servers like Tarik Celik «tarik» signing up as a content creator.

Sentinels Enters VALORANT America 2023 Franchise

KRÜ Esports and Leviathan get into VALORANT 2023 franchises

Leviathan and KRÜ will be in the franchises of VALORANT America 2023

Latin America screams present in the VALORANT 2023 franchises. KRU Esports Y Leviathan raise the franchise league as representatives of the region of LATAM. The two giants of the Latin region they were not going to miss out on participating in the American league at all. After making history in the latin american esports, KRU Y Leviathan They take another step forward in the region carrying the flag to the highest division of VALORANT on the continent.

Brazil says ‘Obrigado’ to VALORANT 2023

MiBr, LOUD and Furia will be in the franchises of VALORANT America 2023

The region Brazilian It also seems to have its representation assured in the franchise league of America 2023. The representatives of Brazil in the franchises would be LOUD Y Ragethe World Champion and the powerful brazilian organization of Fury. what of LOUD It was the most anticipated for everyone, being the current champion of the VCT: Champions and the maximum Brazilian exponent of 2022 had it difficult not to be present. While Rage would become the Brazilian project preferred by Riot Games, Rage is an organization of great power Y capital who has grown up in many esports, especially in the CS:GO. Around the time of this Tuesday, September 20, the MiBr organization joined the list of franchises as the third Brazilian team. Another powerful organization with involvement in multiple esports enters the VALORANT 2023 Americas league.

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