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The participants who starred in the experience of folding the Galaxy Z Flip4 for 96 hours, were visited by various characters who guided relaxation and distraction activities.

In a marathon four-day confinement, the participants of “The Flip Show” starred in a series of activities that helped them continue with the challenge that involved folding the Galaxy Z Flip4, one of the two iconic new smartphone models, for 96 hours. folding that arrive in Chile.

During their stay, Juan Isaacs, La JoseVlog, Maximiliano Correa and Pilar Muñoz tested the foldability of the device, achieving a total of 65,124 folds. In addition, they received the visit of various characters, who guided both resistance challenges and relaxation and distraction activities. Regarding this last point, and to ensure the physical and mental well-being of the four participants in the challenge, the production provided medical and psychological assistance throughout the experience.

“In this true reality show, we wanted the participants to star in various challenges to put the device to the test, but we also carried out activities so that they felt comfortable in the studio house and enjoyed the whole experience. From recording videos with the phone underwater, to a cooking challenge with Yann Yvin and elements of the Samsung Ecosystem, were some of the entertainment they experienced”, commented Marcelo Fuster, Smartphone Manager at Samsung Chile.

Check out some of our favorite moments below:

  1. 1. To start “The Flip Show”, Joaquín Méndez was the one who presented the challenge to the participants and their objectives: Keep the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 always folding. In addition, he introduced Samsung Ecosystem devices to stay connected and receive prompts, challenges, and hints.

  1. two. That same night, and to entertain the stay, Rodrigo Gallina came to the studio house for a night of games and encourage the participants to continue folding the Galaxy Z Flip4, with a series of games and dynamics.

  1. 3. Now, thinking about one of the most outstanding features of the Galaxy Z Flip4, Juan Isaacs, La JoseVlog, Maximiliano Correa and Pilar Muñoz decided to test the phone’s water resistance.

“I knew that, due to its characteristics, nothing would happen to the cell phone if we left it in a glass of water. We did that and took a picture of ourselves while he was in the water, but what surprised us all was that the device was able to capture the audio in a Selfie video, ”said La JoseVlog among his favorite moments.

  1. On their second day of confinement, the renowned singer María Jimena Pereyra visited them. As the participants recall, the interpreter recalled her first steps in music and anecdotes with the technology that she had at that time.

  1. But it was not the only surprise they received that day. Carla Jara, Chilean actress and entertainer, also participated in The Flip Show. In a message to the participants, she congratulated them on the challenge and she also introduced Flipy, the hedgehog who accompanied them throughout the participants’ stay.
  1. Another moment highlighted by the participants was the visit of French chef Yann Yvin, who attended the studio house for a cooking class based on the main artifacts of the Samsung Ecosystem. But it was not all, because he also entrusted them with the task of preparing a dessert, and uploading the result to their social networks.

  1. After continuing to fold the Galaxy Z Flip4, the participants received a visit from the renowned Tiktoker Tati Fernández, who encouraged them to play by highlighting the three best Tik Tok dances/virals of recent times.

  1. 8. Meanwhile, the model Helénia Melán and the prominent national designer, Matías Hernán, came to the studio house to take a modeling and makeup class with the participants of The Flip Show.

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