“There will be things we have never seen…”: Neme flies to London and warns what comes after the death of Queen Elizabeth II

Around 8 a.m. Buckingham Palace issued a statement about the delicate state of Queen Elizabeth IIa situation that raised alarms about a possible fatal outcome.

After that, during the morning, different signs reinforced fears, such as the black ties that the different newscasts and the BBC’s black website are wearing.

Already in the Chilean plane, during those hours, the driver José Antonio Neme abandoned the study of Nice to meet you (Mega) left the studio to head to England to cover a story that seems imminent. The journalist, on more than one occasion, has recognized himself as a scholar of the English Crown, which would explain the decision to send him; moreover, he has thought of writing a book.

Before the closing of the morning, through the camera of his phone, he made a dispatch to the morning from the boarding gate at the Santiago airport, bound for London and with a stopover in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

what’s coming

“The secrecy of the Royal House is deeply striking,” he declared. “I thought they would issue a statement that said something like ‘the Queen is in a delicate state and that they expect her speedy recovery’… But the absolute silence” is worrying, she launched before the reveal was revealed. death.

In addition, “if the Royal Family is gathered around the Queen, well, we will have to wait”, he launched before the different signs that “they are saying something in one way or another”.

Faced with those five hours without updates, “it seems that silence grants”, he said and advanced that “this is super planned: a ten-day protocol is activated in which there will be things that we have never seen since World War II, such as the closure of the financial center and a series of situations”.

“And then (comes) the coronation,” he added, “which may be six or eight months later.” In fact, “the last coronation was in 1953, so there are a number of elements that are very new for generations after the 1960s.”

Immediately afterwards, in the morning they got ready to give the pass to Meganoticias. “Tomorrow we are going to be with you live and directly from the epicenter of the world news”, concluded Roberto Saa.

During the writing of this note, The death of the Queen was reported at the age of 96.

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