“Their relationship is toxic, stormy”: they reveal details of the romance between Raquel Argandoña and Félix Ureta

In one of the recent chapters of I Late Primethe panelists of the entertainment program spoke about the relationship between Raquel Argandoña and Félix Ureta, classifying it as “toxic” and “stormy”.

The lovers have given the pink press something to talk about with their romance, after they ended their romance after announcing that they would marry. However, the lovebirds returned but they staged a striking controversy.

Raquel went on vacation to the Caribbean this week with her friend and designer, Víctor González. While doing a live broadcast, Felix launched some rude insults in the comments that confused everyone. Yes indeed, the messages were against his partner’s assistant.

“They come and go”

All this controversy was analyzed in the program I Late Primewhere they revealed some details about the media romance.

“What is the true relationship of the two of them? That I do not know. They go, they come back; they go, they come back They throw this on Instagram. And besides, we are not talking about 20-year-olds, ”the driver Daniel Fuenzalida asked his colleagues.

It was then that Sergio Rojas revealed that “they told me that their relationship is toxic, stormy. They come and go.”

“The last time they had finished I made my phone calls and they told me ‘Sergio, two days, three days, and they’ll come back. Because they have already turned it into a vicious and toxic relationship based on sexuality. Raquel is sexually satisfied with him,” added the journalist.

After this, the panel began to detail the economic situation of the engineer, where they assured that Ureta is dedicated to selling high-end cars. “But he doesn’t sell a single one,” Rojas assured.

“Regarding the possibility of earning money or not, the possibility of traveling to this island, in first class, with all expenses paid, is not available to just anyone,” said Andrés Caniulef.

For his part, Luis Sandoval stressed that “they tell me, like Sergio, that it is a relationship in which they end and after three days they come back. But in those three days, when they are separated, they are destroyed, they become a bag”.

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