The unusual mishap of Adrián de Los Dados Negros in The Time to Play: Joaquín Méndez swung it beautifully

The singer Adrián Chauque, from the popular group Adrián y los Dados negros, was the special guest in a new episode of time to play (Mega), accompanying Joaquín Méndez.

After singing some of his hits, the fun part came with the contestants by telephone. And it was the Bolivian who helped to press the boxes that the participants chose on the big screen of the study.

However, at one point, when they chose option “1″, this number was way up. Faced with this situation, the singer, with his short stature, asked the Argentine to take him in his arms to reach, according to Page 7.

And there came the real problem because, once perched, he pressed the screen and the monitor went black.

“You turned it off!” Joaquin exclaimed, laughing. She broke!

“Adrián broke our monitor!” insisted the former reality boy. “Never seen before in history, that has happened to us, of all the guests who have come… I swear to you, Adrián!”

Faced with this scenario, in the production they had a spare screen. “We knew that in the future Adrián was going to break the TV,” the trans-Andean launched as a stature. “Do you know how much this TV costs? We are going to have to do several concerts”.

“We say to all the guests: ‘Slow down with TV, we’re paying for it,'” he concluded.

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