The unexpected appearance of Cecilia Bolocco in the National Congress: a journalist from Channel 13 surprised

An unexpected situation occurred this Tuesday morning in Tu dia. This, while Ana María Silva was reporting the sensations of the imminent change of cabinet and the repercussions of the results of the Plebiscite in the National Congress.

In fact, that was when he accidentally ran into Cecilia Bolocco, who came to the place to deliver details related to his foundation.

“I am excited, because we came to present our foundation to the Health Commission, to tell what we are doing, what our purposes and objectives are,” revealed the entertainer on Channel 13’s morning show.

Cecilia Bolocco’s reflection

Specifically, the former Miss Universe refers to the Care Foundation, which she created with her son Máximo and which seeks to establish a cancer center where proton therapy can be implemented in our country. This, after the health drama suffered by the teenager himself.

“We need to work together,” warned Bolocco in the middle of the talk. “There is a lot to do in the field of health. When we talk about public health in our country, and we focus specifically on cancer, the situation is dramatic”, he added.

In this context, he stressed that this disease is the leading cause of death in Chile. “We have to act quickly and together (…) It is the great silent pandemic”, he referred to the complex disease, which has become the first cause of death in our country.

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