“The turns of life”: they reveal Pampita’s attitude with Benjamín Vicuña after the break with Eli Sulichin

A few days ago it was confirmed the end of Benjamín Vicuña’s relationship with Eli Sulichin. On the one hand, it was said that she had kicked him, something that he flatly denied.

The break occurs in the midst of the complicated family situation that the actor is experiencing. His father, Juan Pablo Vicuña Parot, is in a delicate state of health and the Chilean has had to travel urgently a couple of times to accompany him.

In the program Show Partners They revealed the reaction of the actor’s ex-partner, Pampita. The mother of Vicuña’s children would be supporting the Chilean in the midst of the complicated moment he is experiencing.

“Those who are accompanying him and containing a lot in this difficult moment that he is going through due to his father’s health are Pampita and Moritán. The turns of life, right?”, pointed out the journalist Karina Iavícoli.

Along the same lines, he added that “they are the ones who advise him, they are there to support and contain him.”

It is worth mentioning that Carolina Ardohain is married to Roberto García Moritán and has a son with the businessman. Likewise, the model and the Chilean actor had four offspring during their relationship: Bautista, Beltrán, Benicio and Blanca, who died almost 10 years ago.

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