The tense conversation between Gala Caldirola and Nacho Román in El Discípulo del Chef: he stopped her in her tracks

A tense situation occurred this Tuesday at El Discípulo del Chef. This, in the middle of a conversation between Gala Caldirola and Nacho Román in full competition.

It all came about when the Spanish tried to get closer to her partner, who had been distant from the rest of the team.

For the same reason, the former reality girl wanted to know what was happening to her. “Nacho has been strange for a long time. I see it in his world still. I would like to know (what’s wrong with him), “she said while the former MasterChef cooked just a few meters from her. “I’m going to try to get him to open up to me a little bit,” she added as she headed toward her workstation.

“When are you going to open up to talk to us, Nacho? Are you okay?”, she told him without mincing words as she gave him a sweetie on his back.

However, Nacho did not flinch and replied dryly. “I am communicative, but I concentrate and speak little,” he replied.

tense talk

That yes, Gala went further and insisted on her point: “I feel that there is something in you that generates a blockage, which is the reason why you have been nominated (as possible eliminated) as well. You are like on another planet, not connected with us or there is something that bothers you.

He even extended an invitation for them to meet once the competition was over, but again he collided with a gate. “I would love to, but I have to go to work,” Román replied.

Later, already in the interviews that took place outside the kitchen, Ignacio explained his attitude with Gala.

“I am going to be very honest, to talk we have a whole world behind the scenes, but when one is there, one is cooking, working, focused on giving everything. That’s why I try to speak little”, he stopped her in her tracks.

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