The subtle appearance of Pancho Reyes with Carolina Fadic in an old photo for La Ley de Baltazar

They say you shouldn’t look for what you don’t want to find. And that was exactly what Cristina (Francisca Imboden) did in Balthazar’s Law (Mega), when he took a diary from the protagonist’s late wife, Paula.

A while ago, Cristina was horny because she knows that he was in love with the nun Margarita (Amparo Noguera), Paula’s sister, for many years, so when she found an old diary of the latter’s life, she did not hesitate to open it in search of answers.

When reviewing those pages, and reading different passages of the love story between Baltazar and Paula, he found a memory photo that could hardly be seen on the screen.

Despite the fact that Javiera Hernández is the actress who makes the appearances of Paula’s past, the postcard they chose from the memory is one that the actor appears with Carolina Fadic, with both smiling at the camera, according to Page 7.

Carolina Fadic and Pancho Reyes.
Carolina Fadic and Pancho Reyes.

This sort of subtle tribute corresponds to a photo taken when Reyes and Fadic starred Heart Breaker (TVN) in 1994, being the couple made up of Camila Sullivan and Pablo Sierra.

After that stellar debut in melodramas, she starred in more stories on the public channel, such as Stupid Cupid, Green gold Y Iorana. However, everything would come to an abrupt end after she suffered a stroke at only 28 years old, which would cause her death in October 2002.

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