“The same thing happened with the coffee cup in Game of Thrones”

MADRID, 5 Sep. (CultureLeisure) –

Available now on HBO Max on third episode of The House of the Dragon. Y, besides all the great events that presents its footage of more than an hour, one of the aspects that has most caught the attention of the fans has been a gross CGI mistake. A improper failure of a blockbuster of this level that has become part of the talk of the fandom, and that has made Game of Thrones fans remember other kits of the original serieslike the already famous Starbucks glass that appeared in a sequence.


In the first fiction chapter, King Viserys I cut his hand gripping in a fit of rage the armrests of the pointed Iron Throne. A wound, a priori superficial, that was quickly infected due to the disease suffered by the character played by Paddy Considine and that, as can already be seen in this new installment, is gradually undermining the current king of Westeros.

Thus, before the inability for their wounds to heal despite the disgusting cures to which he submits in the second chapter, the third episode confirms that the monarch finally loses two of his fingers, the little finger and the ring finger.

However, the way to show that amputated hand is far from being the one that producers of The House of the Dragon they wanted for the chapter. And it is that, in one of the shots, the fingers are still visible and are covered in a green CGI glove… that they forgot to edit in post production.

A mistake that has not gone unnoticed among the fandom and that, as happened with the plastic water bottles and disposable coffee cups in some final installments of Game of Thrones, they will probably fix it in the next few days.

This worrying evolution in the health of Viserys is one of the indicators of the House of the Dragon for show jumps in your timeline. And it is that between the second and the third chapter three years have passed in which, in addition to having lost two fingers of his left hand, King Viserys also married Lady Alicent Hightower and had their first son, Aegon.. A boy who threatens to divide the kingdom since many already see him as the future heir… although officially Rhaenyra is the one who continues to hold this position.

In any case, There are not a few fans who, according to how the monarch’s health worsens, fear that the character by Paddy Considine can’t survive another timeskip if the series advances very fast in its next chapters.

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