The production decision that sparked Karen Bejarano’s tears and Gala Caldirola’s criticism of her rivals in El Discípulo del Chef

“The only thing I wanted to say, to be honest, and to be fair…”, started by saying the chef of the red team, Sergi Arola, in the recent chapter of The Chef’s Disciple (CHV).

During the competition, the blue team had seen the dessert declassified from its German menu after serving it outside the 90-minute regulation, as was shown on video.

It was there when the Spaniard put the spoon in to say that something similar happened to the reds, for which he made his situation transparent, in search of agreement and solutions, which meant disqualifying a part of the menu in the red and blue clan.

So far, so good, until Karen Bejarano, winner of the previous season of the stellar, launched against the greens: “There they also demolished later.”

There was an exchange in which the formerMekano It asked for “couple law”, that is, to disqualify all the desserts, while those directed by Ennio Carota were emphatic that they had done everything on time.

And what was left?

In the end, the production decided that the red and blue casts would not present the sweet part of their menu, while those directed by the Italian presented their entire menu to the diners on duty.

“I don’t think so, we are four (members in the group)”, she criticized that, faced with that decision, the greens should not have presented their entry either, since they would also have plated it out of time. “We got the shit out of us”, so “we are left with a feeling of little fair play”, he finished.

In that, while the diners tried the Carota team menu, Karen left the studio, in tears to vent, while her blue rival Gala Caldirola came out with her to comfort her.

“I have worked with the green team, and they will never admit a mistake, never; It is a war of egos”, said the Spaniard. “They prefer to save their asses instead of being fair.”

“Life is going to take care of giving them what they need,” Karen finished as she returned with her companions.

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