The Pokémon Company sued six Chinese companies for video game plagiarism to Pokémon

The Pokémon Company brought legal action against those responsible for Pocket Monster Reissuea Chinese video game with blatant similarities to the Pikachu and company franchise.

As revealed The South China Morning PostThe Pokémon Company sued the six Chinese companies behind Pocket Monster Reissue accusing copyright infringement and unfair competition for the video game for mobile devices.

Pocket Monster Reissue (also know as Koudaiyaoguai Fuke in China) has been available since 2015 and courtesy of its presence in the app stores for Andorid and iOS, those responsible for this game have raised a lot of money with it. In fact, according to The South China Morning Post, one of the companies behind Pocket Monster ReissueZhongnan Heavy Industries, earned more than 300 million yuan in 2016 from the title.

In that sense, The Pokémon Company’s lawsuit also seeks to obtain a compensation for $72.5 million dollars and that those responsible for Pocket Monster Reissue not only stop the distribution and development of the game, but also issue public apologies on China’s most popular social media and app stores themselves.

But why does The Pokémon Company claim that Pocket Monster Reissue would it be a copy of the Pokémon video games? Beyond what the name may indicate and that in the title there are some creatures different from the famous Pikachu saga, the Pocket Monster Reissue promotional material includes figures that are actually Pokémon and both their gameplay and icons are practically the same as those of that franchise.

The lawsuit by The Pokémon Company, a Japanese company, is ongoing in the Shenzhen Intermediate People’s Court in China.

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