The player who is excited about returning to ownership in the U

Versus Palestinianthis Thursday, University of Chile will begin the final stretch of the tournament under a new internship of Sebastian Miranda. There will be six games, six finals, where the only blue objective will be to save the category.

For it, the new college coach has been working since Fridayadded to what was his first interim job and the months in which he was part of the technical staff of Diego Lopez.

For the same, taking into account Miranda’s first step as an ’emergency technician’, there are some players who are excited about returning to the starting lineup. This is the case, for example, of Daniel Navarrete.

The right side, in the first semester, was not so considered by santiago escobar. In fact, until Simon Contreras he occupied the place of right end marker, but everything changed with the interim.

Navarrete appeared in Miranda’s starting 11 in the important win over Deportes La Serena and although it was because Yonathan Andia he was suspended (after seeing the red with Audax Italiano, in Valparaíso), after that he added three more starts, at the end of the first semester.

Now, likewise, the conditions are presented again so that Navarrete can start playingor at least there are situations similar to those of the first semester, since the andia it is unrecognizable.

Far from being that leading side-flyer that became known in La Calera Union and that earned him a call to the Red, today he has little offensive presence, no defensive solidity and striking problems when it comes to controlling the ball.

In the absence of practice on Wednesday, Navarrete appears in Miranda’s folder as that right back who in May of this year gave him things that have not been seen in recent weeks.

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