The particular phrase with which Piqué would have ended his relationship with Shakira: her response was also leaked

Although three months have passed, details related to the love break between Shakira and Gerard Piqué continue to appear.

In fact, amid rumors of infidelity, the new partner of the Barcelona defender and the departure of the Colombian to Miami with her children after the legal dispute between the twoNow a chip was leaked about the exact moment of the separation of the mediatic couple.

The paparazzi Jordi Martin, an expert in rumors and cahuines from Farandulandia, revealed the alleged dialogue that the couple had before ending their 12-year relationship.

Specifically, he uncovered the exact phrase with which Piqué made it known to the singer that he was not comfortable. Of course, at no time did he acknowledge any infidelity or mention that there were third parties involved, as was discovered over time.

Piqué’s striking phrase

“I’m overwhelmed and I need some time,” the footballer would have told him. Martin even went further and also brought to light the response that the artist would have given him.

“Don’t worry, I’m going to the United States for 17 days to record,” she would have replied in Zen mode.

However, Piqué’s request alerted Shakira, who hired a group of private detectives to keep an eye on him in his absence.

Immediately afterwards, the evidence that his partner was in bad steps came into his hands, so from then on, a crisis was gradually generated that led to the end of the romance.

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