“The only thing I would advise…”: Raquel Argandoña revealed the “arrangements” that Cecilia Bolocco made on her face

Raquel Argandoña went out of her way and “revealed” Cecilia Bolocco, revealing what were the last aesthetic “arrangements” that the former Miss Universe made on her face.

During a recent episode of Star Zone, the panelist made a comment about the driver that did not go unnoticed. All this, as a result of a recent live broadcast that Cecilia made.

“You observed the same thing as me in Cecilia’s live”, Raquel pointed out at first to her partner Hugo Valencia, according to what was recorded look what he did.

Along the same lines, she explained that “she made a little arrangement on her face, put some vitamins and also filled her face.”

“It looks spectacular, I love that it has decided to intervene a little bit,” said Quintrala, adding that “it looks super good.”

What’s more, Raquel played it and assured that Bolocco would even have put a little filler on his lips in a very subtle way.

After the praise, Argandoña wanted to send Cecilia a message and give her a little beauty tip.

“The only thing I would advise Cecilia Bolocco is to cover her forehead a little, a little bit, so that her forehead does not look so big, Diana suddenly covers it up,” Raquel Argandoña launched, faithful to her style.

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