The night that Los Enanitos Verdes and Latin rock rocked the Viña Festival

“Viña del Maaarrr”, closed the traditional musical curtain performed by the orchestra conducted by maestro Horacio Saavedra, at the end of the commercial session and the beginning of the show. It was Wednesday February 17, 1988 and the Viña Festival kicked off its 29th edition with a nod to the wave of the moment; latin rock.

If the previous year, Soda Stereo and GIT had won the applause and the Silver Torch at the point of themes that rotated strongly on the radio, in that season the mendocinos of Los Enanitos Verdes did not want to be less. With the success of his album time trial (1986) had positioned hits like the green wall, your old letters Y Every time I say goodbye

Therefore, they were one of the most anticipated groups in an edition in which Laura Brannigan, a young Chayanne, José Luis Rodríguez, Álvaro Scaramelli and the Americans Mr. Mister were also present, who starred in a remembered incident when their singer, Richard Page, read a letter in solidarity with the artists threatened with death , forcing him to “apologize” to the public.

But at the start, everything was happiness. After announcing what the day was bringing, Antonio Vodanovic, together with co-host Pamela Hodar, left the presentation of the Argentines for last, appealing to his peculiar style of referring to the best-known songs.

“Because there are no walls that separate us tonight and we are going to get green from so many songs, we get on the train and travel this musical path with those artists who do not grow in size but in popularity, ”said the entertainer, before leaving Hodar the auction. “

The presentation of the trasandinos was forceful. Led by a sober Marcelo Cantero, they released a set of 10 songs that started with I saw you on a traincontinued with themes of time trial What Time Trial Awareness, Every time I say goodbye, the green wallin addition to others such as the very lively For the restwith a totally dedicated monster.

The third topic of the night was the very popular your old letters. Nothing more than the first piano chords were enough to give rein to the shouts of the public that followed the presentation with great attention. After closing with the lively Just give me another chance Among the shouts of the fans, the men from Mendoza took two silver torches, perhaps as proof that they had achieved a resounding success that underpinned their popularity in the country and in the American South. A memorable moment in a career that continued with hits, member changes and an extensive discography. And so the captivating enigma of your voice kept rolling around in my head.

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