The new precedent that impacts in the midst of the controversy between Piqué and Shakira: the player’s former partner would be trying to seduce her

A new chapter was added in the last few hours to the TV series by Shakira and Gerard Piqué, who made the decision in the middle of the year to end their relationship after 12 years.

After the Colombian broke the silence and assured that the break meant one of the “darkest” stages of her life, now a new precedent emerged that drove the Spanish show business crazy.

It turns out that on the TV program Socialité they swore from their navel to the ground that the singer has another soccer suitor. And he is not just any, but he would be a former teammate of Piqué in the Spanish team… Chan!

Just like that, because according to the journalist Nuria Marín, Iker Casillas, world champion with Spain and emblem of Real Madrid, would have had his eye on the artist.

09/18/2018 Iker Casillas playing with Porto SPORTS Rolf Vennenbernd/dpa
09/18/2018 Iker Casillas playing with Porto SPORTS Rolf Vennenbernd/dpa


“Recently he was single and in recent weeks we have seen that he does not stop adding single girls, girls from the television world, on Instagram,” the reporter carbonized, who assured that Shakira is among the women who began to follow.

“She does it now when she is single, when she has known her all her life,” she added.

“Iker and Shakira are single. Everything squares. The goalkeeper’s request to the singer comes to him just now that he does not have a partner when he has known her forever, “said the Socialite cheerleader.

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