The new iPhone 14 can save your life in the event of an accident

Apple just introduced the iPhone 14, the latest version of the most famous smartphone on the planet. And among its novelties, there is one that is directly related to the automotive world. This is the function that allows you to detect accidents and even notify the emergency services.

This security device operates in a very similar way to the emergency call offered by various brands. Both the iPhone 14 and the Apple Watch Series 8 perform the same function, detecting the accident, notifying the emergency services and providing the location of the injured person. In addition, it will notify the emergency contacts assigned by the user.

As reported by Apple on its website, this system is based on the following parameters and technologies:

  • Csudden speed changes The new g-force accelerometer detects extreme accelerations or decelerations of up to 256 g.
  • Sudden changes of direction: the high dynamic range gyroscope records drastic changes in the car’s orientation.
  • Laboratory crash tests: motion algorithms were developed after extensive frontal impact, rear impact, side impact and rollover tests.
  • Pressure changes in the cabin: the barometer can detect the pressure changes that occur when the airbags deploy.
  • Collision sound level: when you’re driving, the microphone identifies the extreme sound levels of a collision. And to protect privacy, everything stays on iPhone.
  • Actual Accident Records: The system is based on public data on accidents for the most accurate detection possible.

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