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Hi-Tec, in its roadmap to inspire ordinary people to go outdoors, explore and connect with nature, launches its new clothing collection -Refugio Vital- for the spring & summer season, evoking a style that ranges from the urban to the outside.

The last years were the most complex for humanity, social conflicts that divided us, unleashed economic crises and a pandemic that forced us to lock ourselves in our homes, depriving us of daily activities. All this added to the excess consumption of technologies that plays a double game for us, communicates us immediately but also keeps our distance.

This new clothing collection is inspired by outdoor activity, re-interacting with nature, finding ourselves and others.

Refugio Vital is a clothing collection that invites us to regenerate our fabric through garments and materials that merge with nature in a respectful and emotional way, with the quality and performance of Hi-Tec. It doesn’t matter if you’re in the middle of a city, or on a remote island, or in the most industrial of fields. You can always move outside to take a new perspective, because to find ourselves inside, we must be willing to lose ourselves outside.

The new Hi-Tec clothing collection is competitive, since it provides outdoor elements in a hybrid composition between the city and the trails. In addition, it comes to enhance the alignments of the brand, in order to encourage people who are in nature spaces, maintaining their care and not generating an impact on it. In technical aspects, this collection is updated with the latest trends in colors and textures. This technology promotes a connection with nature from the inside, using quality fibers and winking at organic aesthetics, added to the comfort and performance of the textile materials it possesses.

Refugio Vital is a clothing collection that blends in with nature, is comfortable and affordable. In it we find garments such as fleece, granite jackets, light convertible jackets, tamangos and full print tamango, normal t-shirts and others with pockets, normal shorts and cargo-style shorts, transformable anorak pants and windbreakers.”, assured Matías Román, Marketing Manager of Hi-Tec Chile. He also explained that the core of the collection is a 65% recycled polyester, 35% cotton t-shirt program. While the tamangos are 100% recycled polyester. Using recycled materials is a progressive advance that Hi-Tec is developing in each upcoming collection. Hi-Tec’s new collection -Refugio Vital- is now available in Coliseum stores, the brand’s official website, Ripley and Dafiti.

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