The most “painful” and “challenging” for Sofía: behind the scenes of Ignacia Baeza in La Ley de Baltazar

“Being at the height of my tremendous partner Gabriel Cañas.” Ignacia Baeza has no doubts, that has been professionally the most difficult thing he has faced in his role for Balthazar’s Law (Mega).

In a story that began with the marriage between Mariano and her character, “being at the service of history and managing to empathize with Sofía’s pain, but at the same time without judging” has meant a real challenge.

In addition, he has taken pains to “think as a character, in the sense that I, like Ignacia, have absolutely no judgment against homosexuality,” he declares to La Cuarta.

At the start of that story, his character was paired with Baltazar’s eldest son (Pancho Reyes), who in turn had a son, Benjamín (Bernabé Madrigal). But it quickly became clear that this relationship was not going well, while the plot gave clues as to where the origin of the whole problem could be.

Marian and Sofia.
Marian and Sofia.

It turned out that Mariano was gay and had hidden it all his life, until he told his father, and from there the story snowballed: one by one they all found out. And the time came for Sofía, who caught him in a revealing conversation with his so-called “lifelong friend”, Hernán (Gabriel Urzúa).

And that was the scene that has been the most difficult for him to act, “because facing that moment is painful,” he confessed. “But at the same time I love playing those kinds of scenes that challenge me as an actress.”

Something that was also made easier for her thanks to the fact that the director, Nicolás Alemparte, “and my Gabriel were as respectful of my transit as Sofía, of trusting what I proposed as an actress”.

The future

“I can only say that I admire Gabriel a lot,” he says about his colleague. “I always wanted to work with him, he is a jewel of an artist and a human being” and, along with this, “we have a very good relationship, and I think that as colleagues we strengthen each other a lot and we are a good duo”.

In social networks, the expressions of affection towards the character of Cañas have been multiple, to the point that some netizens have described him as the “true protagonist” of the television series. On this hypothesis, she answers: “I think everyone is a protagonist in her story.”

Sofia has also become one of the favorite roles of viewers. Ignacia attributes it to the fact that her role “she is a woman with a good heart and spontaneous, who only wants to love and be loved”.

“And he has suffered a lot,” he adds. “And they want her to be happy.”

Sofia and Manolo.
Sofia and Manolo.

Part of that happiness could come with Manolo (Andrés Velasco), Baltazar’s foreman and confidant in Cochamó. Both roles, while she was paired with Mariano, did not hide her mutual attraction.

Although at the time the attraction was only that, now it is not: “Where there was fire, ashes remain”, advances the actress and laughs.

Although the recordings are not finished yet, she is already clear that Sofia “I will always treasure her, as well as this project, team and the beautiful South that has allowed me to meet her.”

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