The medical team of Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom expresses its concern for her delicate state of health

The doctors service that caters to Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom has expressed great concern about the monarch health status during Thursday morning and have recommended that you remain at all times under medical supervision in the balmoral castlein Scotland, where he has been residing for several months. After hearing this news, all United Kingdom is very dependent on the television announcements since, in case of deathIt will be the bbc network which will broadcast the sad news about the situation of Her Majesty the Queen isabel II. What’s more, they have already suspended all programming to broadcast the late queen of england anytime.

After a new evaluation this morning, doctors treating her majesty the queen They were very concerned about his delicate state of health, so much so that they have asked him not to be left unattended and to rest as much as possible.

At this time, all the relatives are together with the Queen isabel IIhis four children and his grandchildren, including the prince Enrique and his wife, the actress Meghan Marklehave gone to the Balmoral summer residence to clothe the queen right now.

The entire United Kingdom is paralyzed after knowing the state of health of Queen Elizabeth II

Minutes after this statement was released, the British Prime Minister, Liz Trusswanted to emphasize the concern of the entire country for the news that has been given since the Buckingham Palace: “My thoughts and those of people across the UK are with Her Majesty the Queen and her family at this time.”

The statement from Buckingham Palace has been published after the queen, 96, postponed a telematic meeting with her Privy Council after doctors advised her to rest after the “full day” she had on Tuesday with the change of tenant in Downing Street.

This annulment has been added to the long list of Queen Elizabeth II cancellations since for a few months he has been with mobility problems that prevent you from following your schedule as planned. In fact, he decided, for the first time, to receive Truss at the Balmoral residence and not in London as is the tradition.

Isabel II, in addition to being UK head of stateis also the head of state of fourteen other countries and a much-loved public figure, and not just in the UK, but around the world.

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