“The Last of Us”: what are the differences between the new remake and the original game?

It was during the last Summer Game Fest when Naughty Dog announced the release of a remake of “The Last of Us”, nine years from original delivery.

The title, officially called “The Last of Us Part I”, It will go on sale this Friday, September 2 exclusively for PS5. It will soon be released on PC, although the date has not been specified so far.

As stated at the event, this title “It will modernize gameplay, improve controls, and expand accessibility options.” Did they achieve that goal? Let’s review the differences between the original and the updated edition.


In this new remake of TLOU every movement looks more fluid, both the characters and the cinematics. In addition, new plans are presented.

New details in the designs —such as the expressions on the faces of each character or traces of blood after fighting an enemy— are impeccable animations that give Greater realism in the confrontations.

In addition, small movements were added to the characters when using some objects, giving more dynamism and continuity to its movement.

Within the fluidity in the movements of the characters, it shows more weight in Joel and more lightness in Ellie, also generating greater realism.


In this remastered version it is necessary to clarify—, the story, characters and settings are the same as in the original edition.

There are no weapons other than those already featured in the game, but there are new skins that can be unlocked for them. The weapons table was included in which these can be modified and there is also greater interactivity with different objects.

As for melee combat, the gameplay is identical and the combat items are also the same. Just like in the original game, it is not possible to dodge or creep.

However, in this TLOU you can see increased interaction between enemies, giving more realism to the gameplay. As indicated by the company, artificial intelligence was improved. More environments also react to what happens in the game.

Along with this, a permadeath difficulty mode and a speed run were added, as well as more accessibility options.

PS5 experience

As with many other titles, the DualSense controller delivers a much better experience. more immersive to users through adaptive triggers.

In this way, in this edition of “The Last of Us” they perceive different sensations when using each weapon during the game. Each weapon has a voltage on the control.

Also, with the 3D sound that was incorporated in this version, the gaming experience is much more immersive, since there is. It is recommended to use the Pulse 3D headphones.


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