“The information that I have…”: they reveal the name of the coach that sounds at the University of Chile before the possible departure of Diego López

Despite the rebound they had in Copa Chile, the moment that Universidad de Chile is going through in the National Championship is critical.

After the ugly defeat against UC in the Clásico Universitario, and the other results that occurred last weekend, the Romántico Viajero was one point away from the direct relegation zone.

For the same reason, in Azul Azul they are already thinking of a new plan in the face of a possible departure of Diego López, who at the moment does not set the tone and the credit is gradually running out.

In fact, a fall in the next game against Coquimbo, a direct rival in the lower part of the table, could sentence the Uruguayan.

Even in the last hours it was learned that there is a candidate who has an advantage to become the new blue tea.

“The information that I have is that a sector of the board of directors has already talked with a technician, who trained in Chile, is of Argentine origin and I will only give the initials: Dalcio Giovagnoli,” Felipe Bianchi learned on ESPN F90.

And along the same lines, the journalist added: “That’s what they told me, that there is a sector that is ready to say, ‘Now, are we? Here it is'”.

Key duel against Coquimbo

On the other hand, the communicator assured that if he loses to the “Pirates”, López does not count it and will leave the CDA.

“We have all been in football for a long time, if he loses, he will leave, there is no possibility of him continuing. The U is going to be last, ”he said.

Of course, in case of facing this scenario, there would also be the possibility that Sebastián Miranda assumes a new internship in the institution. This, with the mission of saving the descent team in the six dates that would be missing before the end of the contest.

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