The hard decision that China Bazán made in El Discípulo del Chef: participant ended in tears

In the run-up to the National Holidays, the chapter on Tuesday (September 13) in The Chef’s Disciple (CHV) the participants had to sink their teeth into Chilean preparations.

After the tastings of the guests, it was the red team, led by Sergi Arola, who won the test.

But, on the other side of the coin, it was Carolina “China” Bazán’s blues who had to choose a nominee.

Faced with that scenario, it was finally Camila Ruiz, who was the winner in the fourth season of MasterChef Chile (Channel 13), who was nominated and will have to fight for her permanence.

“I want to see you leading a little more,” Bazán told him.

“Obviously it’s not easy,” she said with some tears. “I understand what ‘China’ says, I am a person who finds it difficult to take more security in the things he does and asks ‘is it okay? Is it okay? Is it okay?’; but that’s because I’m insecure.”

“I feel that we have all done well and, since I have never been nominated, perhaps it will be so that I can get a little more out of what I know how to do,” he concluded.

Later, her colleagues came to give her encouragement, while others expressed that she did not deserve to occupy that position.

“I guess he nominates me for something, I don’t think it was because of kitchen mistakes, but we are going to give everything to save ourselves,” Camila closed.

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