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The world is constantly changing, and today’s users adapt faster than ever. The concepts of innovation and ingenuity are constantly redefined, and trends come and go in the blink of an eye. New attempts at being new can no longer intrigue or satisfy today’s users.

Realizing this, Samsung Electronics devotes tremendous effort and manufacturing effort to perfect every single component of its products, along with incredible amounts of investment and attention to even the smallest aesthetic details. The latest results of this project, Galaxy Z Flip4 and Galaxy Z Fold4, have that fundamental value of design that can only be obtained through this process: being able to truly live up to the potential of users.

Optimized to perfection

Both the Galaxy Z Flip4 and Galaxy Z Fold4 have gone through meticulous stages of development to detail their design to the point of perfection.

elegant and balanced

In the design of Galaxy Z Flip4 and Galaxy Z Fold4, Samsung has fully focused on the essence of the devices to deliver unparalleled, immersive full-screen experiences. Straight edges and slimmer hinges create well-established, flat, compact designs that offer a much more comfortable grip.

Galaxy Z Fold4’s screen ratio has also been optimized with the most important aspects of daily use in mind to balance usability, pocketability and immersive experiences on the main screen.

polished and refined

The rear glass screen of Samsung’s latest foldables was designed to express colors much more densely, while providing a natural and inviting feel thanks to its haze processing. The shiny metallic finish of the frames, meanwhile, harmonizes with the matte glass of the screen, contributing to the overall shape of the devices, which is simple and concise.

In the case of Galaxy Z Flip4, Samsung designers included an eye-catching metallic decoration to further emphasize the enhanced camera experience, while maintaining a simple design that captures the perfect composition of the device’s cover screen and camera. .

A new wave of colors

In order to offer users more aesthetic freedom when experimenting with their devices, smartphones in the new foldable line come in a range of stylish and energizing colors.

The series’ signature hue, Bora Purple, embodies the Galaxy series’ colorful heritage for Galaxy Z Flip4, while the bright yet elegant Pink Gold hue serves as a more neutral option. This new range of colors also includes a crisp and smooth Blue hue as well as a simple and attractive Graphite hue. The pastel colors of the Galaxy Z Flip4 color options bring both novelty and familiarity to the device while reflecting the latest color trends.

For Galaxy Z Fold4, users can choose between the elegant Graygreen color, inspired by nature, the warm and neutral Beige tone, and the iconic Phantom Black tone, which embodies the original spirit of the Galaxy series. Each color swatch has been carefully blended for deeper and more compelling user experiences.

On Galaxy Z Fold4, the camera decoration and back glass come together to complete the design of the device, accentuating the horizontal layout of the device’s camera design.

Unfolding new possibilities

Fundamental to the design of Galaxy Z Flip4 and Galaxy Z Fold4 are the improvements that advance the unique experience of these next-generation foldables.

A unique practicality

Galaxy Z Flip4 Flex mode panel[1] now comes with a touchpad that supports a series of gestures, allowing users to navigate through their device more quickly and conveniently, supporting gestures such as zooming in or out and turning pages.

Additionally, Galaxy Z Flip4’s Cover Screen provides even richer user experiences. More widgets, including Calendar, SmartThings Scene and Direct Call, are now supported on the Cover Screen, and a single swipe to the Cover Screen brings a wide range of features on the Quick Settings screen, including sound and brightness controls , Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and airplane mode. Users can also reply to their messages directly from the cover screen, using not only preset messages, but also Speech-to-Text and even emojis.

The process of taking selfies with the cover screen has also been improved to offer entirely new user experiences. Unlike previous models, where quick shot was disabled when the device was unfolded, users can continue to use their camera even when the device is unfolded at a certain angle, allowing selfies to be taken at a variety of angles. and prospects. Users can also enjoy enhanced preview images on the cover screen that reflect the photo’s true aspect ratio, as well as portrait mode to enhance the selfie experience, even when on the go.

A multitasking wonder

Galaxy Z Fold4’s taskbar takes the productivity and efficiency of a big screen to the next level. The continuous layout of the taskbar from the Hotseat provides greater visual consistency, and users can create a taskbar with their most frequently used applications to switch between them seamlessly. Plus, with a single tap on the all apps button on the far left of the taskbar, you can enjoy instant access.

Galaxy Z Fold4 was also designed to take advantage of every inch of its large screen for truly efficient multitasking experiences. Users can quickly activate Multi-window via drag and drop, or save a couple of favorite applications directly to the taskbar. It is also possible to create split screens using window tabs or simple gestures,[2] or use Multi-window in a popup style for multifaceted multitasking that suits each user’s needs.

For a more precise photo-taking experience, zooming in to 20x in capture view mode with the main camera activates a larger zoom map on the left side of the screen, displaying a panoramic view of the image preview. In addition, when a user is activating the cover screen preview function, they just need to press the selfie button in the upper left corner to enjoy full control of the Galaxy Z Fold4’s camera directly from the cover screen. the cover for even better selfie experiences.

Captivating users through color with Bespoke

With Galaxy Z Flip4, users have more freedom than ever to customize the look of their device. The expanded Galaxy Z Flip4 Bespoke Edition program includes five shimmering crystal shade options—Yellow, White, Navy, Khaki, and Red—and three bezel colors—Silver, Gold, and Black—that users can mix and match to create their own. device design.

covers for all day

Inspired by the comfort and feel of carrying a premium leather wallet, the Galaxy Z Flip4 Leather Case got a complete makeover with highly stylish results. In addition, the silicone case with strap and silicone case with ring continue to combine ease of use with the most modern designs.

To match the updated design of the Galaxy Z Fold4, both the pen stand case, known for improving the user experience with the S Pen and pen stand, have also been redesigned.[3], like the silicone case with strap, originally popularized with Galaxy Z Flip. For those looking for comfort and style in their choice of case, the stylish Standing Cover, which perfectly complements the device’s large display, and Leather Case, for a high-end feel, are also part of the Galaxy Z line of cases. Fold4.

stand out from the crowd

Galaxy Z Flip4’s display clock options now come in a variety of styles that the wearer can take advantage of to express their everyday feelings and sensations, just like matching clothes with mood. From the simplest designs to all kinds of graphic designs, the selections available for your device’s watch face are more diverse than ever, a design choice based on the crowded nature of today’s diverse lifestyles.

The design process behind Galaxy Z Flip4 and Galaxy Z Fold4 went beyond the simple pursuit of “newness” and instead harnessed relentless innovation to enable users to achieve the full potential of their lifestyles, as well as enough to allow genuine expression of who the user is at any time.

With the Galaxy Z Flip4 and Galaxy Z Fold4, the latest two additions to the company’s market-defying foldable lineup, Samsung continues to expand its users’ experiences into entirely new realms of the foldable experience.

Users can also choose from images, GIFs and videos for their cover screen background, and can even match their cover screen to their Galaxy theme for a more harmonious and cohesive device experience.

The design process behind Galaxy Z Flip4 and Galaxy Z Fold4 went beyond the simple pursuit of “newness” and instead harnessed relentless innovation to enable users to achieve the full potential of their lifestyle, as well as enough to allow genuine expression of who the user is at all times.

With the Galaxy Z Flip4 and Galaxy Z Fold4, the latest two additions to the company’s market-challenging lineup of foldable devices, Samsung continues to expand user experiences into new realms of the foldable experience.


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