The Forspoken campaign will last between 30 and 40 hours

From Square Enix they have released new details of Forspoken, his new game, which was delayed a few months ago until next January.

Through a round of interviews, the director of the new title revealed different details of the game, and in conversation with 3djuegos, he announced that the total campaign will last between 30 and 40 hoursyes Along with the hours of campaign, the game will have a post-game in which you can explore dungeons and perform side quests.

It should be remembered that the game will follow the story of Frey, a woman who is transported to a fantasy world, in conversation with Vandal, the creative producer of the title, Raio Mitsuno, pointed out that “The core of the story is Frey, this character who it is of our world, who shares our beliefs, who sees things the way we see themand that she’s been placed in this surreal situation in an unknown world where she has to learn the rules of the place, meet its people, and potentially figure out how to save that world.”

Forspoken was initially set to arrive this year however, last July from Square Enix they announced that the game would be delayed, and finally it will arrive on January 24 next. On the occasion they pointed out that this was due to “several discussions with our partners”, without giving more details.

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