The discharge of Bastián Bodenhöfer after hearing the argument of an adherent of the Rejection at the fair

The actor Bastián Bodenhöfer participated in a massive Approval event in the Recoleta district.

Without mincing words, the interpreter pointed to the political right and accused them of appropriating different terms such as “love”, “parity” or “democracy”.

In dialogue with The voice of those left over, the face of iconic national television series stated that “it is very impressive, there are more than 7,500 people. It’s a good sign for what’s going to happen on Sunday.”

In addition, he specified that “this is a call, especially for people who are not very informed. The other day I had to go to a fair and a man told me ‘no, I’m going to vote Rejection’. He told me that he hadn’t read the constitution, so I asked him why he votes Reject. ‘No, because I watch TV and I vote Reject for love,’ he replied.

“There I want to make a very interesting reflection: how the right has been stealing our words. She has stolen from us the word democracy, justice, parity, feminism, women’s rights… those who were against divorce and abortion, ”she recalled.

Likewise, he indicated that “now they say ‘reject with love’. It’s like ‘mijita, I’m going to get the shit out of you, but it’s for love’. Love is precisely what Human Rights contemplate and Human Rights is the basis of this constitution that we are going to vote for en masse”.

Bastian Bodenhöfer’s reflection

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