The delicate personal situation that shakes Gala Caldirola: she broke down in the middle of the chapter of El Discípulo del Chef

An emotional situation occurred in this Monday’s chapter of El Discípulo del Chef, which starred Gala Caldirola.

The Spaniard, who had been absent from the program on Sunday’s episode, explained why she had not been present in the culinary space of Chilevisión.

According to her story, it was all because her daughter Luz Elif is in poor health. “She gets up and tells me: ‘Why aren’t you there when I wake up?'” The former reality girl revealed through tears.

“My daughter has bronchitis, and it’s bad, I’m sorry to leave her alone,” he added to the concern of all his colleagues and especially Ennio Carota, leader of the green team to which he belongs.

“As a mother, everyone will understand me, that it breaks my soul to have to leave her at home,” he said while telling that “bendi” has been showing symptoms of the aforementioned disease for several days.

The understanding of Ennio Carota

For the same reason, upon learning of the situation, the Italian chef did not hesitate to give Gala his full support and endorsement.

“If you need to go see her, and be with her, you have complete freedom to do so,” Carola told her. “You know that our job here is to protect you and take care of you,” she added, while Caldirola tried to dry her tears.

However, despite Ennio’s offer, Gala made the decision to continue in the competition.

“I know that my daughter will be fine with her father, and I also want the team to feel that I am committed to them,” she concluded.

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