The creators of Pokémon Go announce the arrival of Marvel World of Heroes

Nianticthe company responsible for pokemon gohas announced his new project augmented reality. The game, called Marvel World of Heroeswill arrive free at some point in 2023 for mobile.

As he has commented, they have assured from Niantic: “The game is designed to be a social gaming experience and pits players, their friends, and their iconic Marvel allies against supervillains and interdimensional threats.”

Right from the start of Marvel World of Heroes, players will be able to create their own superhero identity and origin story. So users will have to patrol their neighborhoods for the purpose of fighting crime.

As you level up, you’ll unlock new abilities, plus you’ll be able to battle iconic Super Villains alongside your favorite heroes like Wolverine, Spider-Man or Captain America.

From Niantic they have explained that the launch of the game will be staggered, being published first in a selection of markets with a beta phase to, later, gradually reach other regions.

Everything seems to indicate that Marvel World of Heroes will be the next big ball of games in augmented reality. To find out whether or not it will meet expectations, we will have to wait until next year.


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