“The couple has me flat…”: Raquel Argandoña’s acid criticism of Priscilla Vargas and José Luis Repenning

This week José Luis Repenning reunited with Priscilla Vargas when he made his debut on Channel 13 after leaving Mega behind. The driver joined the former channel of the little angel amid rumors that the duo will join the morning Your day.

The journalists have since looked very happy together on social media. The driver gave him his first tour of the canal and even Repenning “claimed” Priscilla because she was not the one who welcomed her on her first day at the television house.

Although the followers of the communicators were very happy for their reunion, there is someone who is already tired of the playfulness of the journalists who continue to deny that there is a romance between the two.

“It bored me…”

Raquel Argandoña made an acid comment about Priscilla and Repenning in a recent chapter of Star Zoneassuring that she is already “bored” of the couple.

While they talked about the couple’s “indirections” on the program, Quintrala gave her honest opinion. “You know what? Do you know what happens to me with this couple?” She pointed out, according to what was recorded. Look what he did.

“They already have me a little bored, yes, no, ‘it’s good that you came’, ‘I feel alone’, ‘I came to accompany you,'” Kel and Nano Calderón’s mother launched.

Along the same lines, he added that “the couple has me flat.”

For his part, the driver Mario Velasco stated that “when they chant the calugazo on the screen they will score 20 points.”

“It’s going to be like it’s forced now… the couple bored me,” Raquel concluded about the relationship between Priscilla Vargas and José Luis Repenning.

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