“The country that I imagine can only be achieved…”: Nicolás Oyarzún was honest and revealed what he will vote for in the Plebiscite

When there are barely five days left for the Exit Plebiscite, where Chileans will vote if they approve or reject the proposal for a new Constitution, there are many faces that have come out this week to deliver their position on the matter.

The last of them, for example, was Nicolás Oyarzún. Through his social networks, the actor shared an extensive reflection where he explains his preference for each of his votes for this Sunday, September 4.

“We all dream of a future, some of us with the one we want. I, Approve ”, he wrote at the outset and bluntly Oyarzún.

And about it, he added: “the country that I imagine can only be achieved with changes. And today I see how those changes, little by little, stop belonging to the world of dreams, because I read them and trust them. There are those who ask certainties of the future. I don’t, I prefer to trust.”

In addition, he maintained that “if my choice makes me smarter for some or a fool for others, I don’t care. Because democracy is above that discussion. She is generous and invites us all to the party. To manifest ourselves To respect us”.

Finally, he took advantage of the opportunity to call for participation in these elections. “Vote. For your dreams I don’t know what they are. They are yours and they do not fulfill themselves. Let’s be kind and live up to this story, ”she finished.

The publication of Nicolás Oyarzún

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