The controversial AEW All Out press conference would have ended in a fight behind the scenes

Trouble in the locker room All Elite Wrestling They don’t seem to be finished. At the press conference after AEW All Out, CM Punk He was the first protagonist to have the floor. His intervention began with controversy when he was asked about Colt Cabana and his current relationship. Punk was harsh with his response and revealed that he had not had any kind of relationship with the fighter in more than 10 years.

The most controversial moment occurred when CM Punk addressed the EVPs (executive vice presidents) of the company, directly naming Hangman Page as one of them, and blamed them for the leaks that have come out of the All Elite Wrestling locker room about the latest information that has come to light regarding CM Punk.

In the first instance, CM Punk’s statements caused a stir in the AEW locker room and it was even commented that some talents have threatened to leave. Sean Ross Sapp, a journalist for Fightful, wrote about this situation on his Patreon channel, assuring that Punk’s words lit up the spirits a lot in the company board, especially in Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks.

Hours later, Sapp updated his report, indicating a possible backstage altercation that ended in a alleged fight between CM Punk and Ace Steel with members of The Elite (without specifying which of them exactly). “In the wee hours of the morning, there were unconfirmed rumors that CM Punk, Ace Steel and members of the Elite were involved in some sort of feud,” Sapp wrote.

In the first report, it was mentioned that the security team reacted when CM Punk left the place. Several journalists present noticed the moment. “We’re told The Elite were scheduled for the scrum, but an adjustment was made. At that point, security went around the scrum zone in a hurry. We haven’t known if that was related to this situation, but all this information was leaked at the same time,” said Sapp, an information supported by journalist Denise Salcedo, who was also present at the press conference. “All I can say is that during the media scrum, we all saw a security guy run out the door“.

It should be remembered that Ace Steel is a former wrestler and personal friend of CM Punk who reappeared on screen last week at AEW Dynamite in order to restore morale to the one who is now the company’s world champion.

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