The communist rebellion before the specter of reissuing a “New Majority” and the malaise that spreads in I Approve Dignity

These are dark times for the PC, whose internal deliberations are not over yet. Last night the political commission of the party met (a body equivalent to the boards of directors of other stores), where the defeat in the plebiscite and the eventful change of cabinet were part of the conversation.

However, due to the time, the communist leadership paused the meeting to resume this Thursday the analysis of the latest events.

In the midst of that deliberative process, this morning Senator PC, Daniel Nunez –one of the most important voices in the community due to his closeness to the president of the store, Guillermo Teillier-, anticipated a malaise.

If this coalition says ‘in reality we are happy with this model’, please, we will take our little things there and go to the other side”, Núñez said on Radio Pauta.

Though the phrase was not endorsed by the directive, since it questioned the continuity of the PC in the government of Gabriel Boricwas sincere about a background noise that exists in the community, which today is stressed by several factors, among them, the process of internal succession of Teillier.

In addition, there is an irritability due to the defeat in the past plebiscite, where some communists believe that there was a lack of commitment from the bases of the PS, the PPD and the Radical Party (Democratic Socialism) to try to save the proposal of the Constitutional Convention. Thus, the change of cabinet decreed by President Boric only added more unease.

Although until noon yesterday, the arrival of Nicholas Cataldo (PC) to the Undersecretary of the Interior was news celebrated in the communist ranks, the decision to reverse his appointment meant a gratuitous blow, even more so because the government ended up giving in to pressure from the right and from sectors of the center left, which came out in block to question his old tweets against Carabineros. Thus, the feeling is that the right has imposed a veto and, in some way, established a psychological ceiling regarding the positions in which the communists may or may not be.

In addition, the output from the Ministry of Sciences of Flavio Salazar (PC), the arrival as ministers of Carolina Toha (PPD) and Ana Lya Uriarte (PS), both former Secretaries of State in the administrations of the Concertación and the possible arrival of Gabriel Gaspar (PS) to the Undersecretary of Defenseput the PC on alert.

For some militants, the signal revived the ghost of the turn towards the center that the second government of Michelle Bacheletwhich after the political crisis of 2015, assumed the slogan of “realism without renunciation” as a way of moderating the government program of the New Majority, a coalition of which the PC was a part, along with the DC, the PS, the PPD and the radicals.

Hence the stern warning from Núñez, whose words -regardless of the forms- were echoed by some communist legislators consulted this morning by Third. However, other PC officials also had nuances or went out to moderate the tone used by Núñez.

“I am not going to qualify what a colleague says, but puts something important at the center, compliance with the program. It’s fundamental. We will make every effort to make it so. If it does not happen, we are going to promote it with the social organization”, commented the communist deputy Lorraine Pizarro.

Daniela Serrano, president of the JJ.CC. and deputy head of the communist caucus in the Chamber, said that “we have a very clear conviction of our presence in the government, which is its program. In case of any change, that has to be discussed with the PC. However, (the presence in the government) It is not a decision that we are evaluating and no one can claim the PC’s voice when they are collective decisions”.

In any case, all those consulted admitted that the Cataldo episode left a “bitter”. In fact, the communist helmsman himself expressed that discomfort in a message he sent this Tuesday to the WhatsApp group that he shares with the other leaders of the government coalitions. And he repeated his sayings today, in an interview with the newspaper El Siglo, linked to the PC. “Evidently the Cataldo affair was a hard blow for the Communist Party. Because, that they appoint someone in one minute undersecretary and the next minute they remove him due to pressure from the right, of course it hurts the party“, he claimed.

“The truth is that it did not go down very well… We feel touched, but we understand the situation,” said the head of the PC deputies, Boris Barrierwho yesterday had minimized the fact, attributing it to transcendence.

The noises from changing cabinets weren’t just limited to the PC. That Jackson was left out of the political committee dealt a heavy blow against the oldest store in the Broad Front, Democratic Revolution (DR).

In fact, and after the ministerial adjustment on Tuesday that left the former Segpres in Social Development -out of the political committee-, the coalition deputies made a press point, where the serious faces and the downcast attitude were evident.

Although none criticized the arrival of figures linked to the old Concertación -such as Uriarte and Tohá-, reinforced their call to comply with the government program. And it is that in the opinion of several, in the model of a government shared with Democratic Socialism, Jackson officiated as “guardian” of the government’s roadmap.

In the militancy, yes there were internal recriminations to the role of the helmsman John Ignatius Latorre for not defending the permanence of the DR within the heart of the government.

In interview with Third, Latorre this Tuesday rHe recognized that this was a point that he spoke directly with President Boric and did not close the door for Jackson to later rejoin that scheme.

“Obviously I would have liked Giorgio Jackson to remain on the political committee, I told the President that, but hey, he will have his reasons and that may change (…). Tomorrow that may change and it could come in eventually. Jackson has a trusting relationship with the President and that’s not going to change whether he’s at the Monday meeting or not,” he said.

Likewise, he reinforced that the change of cabinet with figures from the former Concertación did not mean a renunciation of the government program. Yes indeed, He warned that he hopes that what happens in the Bachelet administration of “realism without resignation” will not happen.

Another sector of the DR, on the other hand, expressed its annoyance. The reason? Some were of the position that I Approve Dignity should assume Interior.

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