The commented fail of Andrés Vial in full coverage of the Plebiscite: open microphone caught “furious” claim

As has happened throughout the day, the channels threw all the meat on the grill and played it with a complete and uninterrupted transmission of the Exit Plebiscite, where this Sunday the Chileans are voting whether they approve or reject the proposal for a new Constitution.

And in this context, who stole the film on social networks after starring in a flashy after returning from commercials in 24 Hours, where he was on the air with Carla Zunino.

As can be seen in the record, which was shared on Instagram by the account @televisivamente, the journalist did not realize that they were already on the air again when he made a request to a colleague who was behind the camera.

Juanito, you can put us a television because they put the covers on us, hue… I didn’t see with raj…”, he managed to hear before the switch turned off his “mic”. “Nothing,” he said on his own, his colleague while Vial’s gestures were seen on the screen, who apparently complained because they had not warned him.

The particular moment was far from going unnoticed and generated various reactions on the aforementioned virtual platform.

“Plasma looks like balls”, “poor thing, haha, what a laugh” and “they clearly put it on the air on purpose for arguing”, were some of the comments that could be read on the web.

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