“The channel did not see it with good eyes”: Sergio Rojas affirmed that María Jimena Pereyra will be released from Sabores after joining the show on open TV

The former Rojo girl, María Jimena Pereyra, is in the spotlight after it was revealed that she will apparently be released from Zona Latina after agreeing to join a program on open television.

The host of the morning “Sabores” would be facing a problem as detailed by the journalist Sergio Rojas in his online show “Que te lo Digo”, where he revealed that the cable channel would be upset with the singer after agreeing to join the new Channel 13 show , Textual Game, as one of the eight panelists.

“María Jimena Pereyra receives the offer to join the Sergio Lagos program… She receives the offer to join this panel of women. It turns out that she accepts and the channel did not see it with good eyes. I did not agree with her participation in this prime, ”said the journalist about the reaction of Zona Latina.

The decision

“Finally they decide not to continue with her services, so she stops participating in Sabores to be able to join another channel,” Rojas said.

“When they told me, I said ‘excuse me, who pays such a large salary to ask for exclusivity?’ Today the television channels do not pay a salary like those of yesteryear”, reflected the journalist.

“Therefore, if they cannot pay you a large salary so that you work in one place, they should not prohibit you from being part of other programs, as long as they do not go against what you do on your own channel,” he added. Sergio Rojas, while the channel did not deny the event and María Jimena Pereyra participated in its edition of this day in Flavors.

Watch the show below:

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