“The best paid”: they reveal details of the agreement reached by Raquel Argandoña to participate in La Divina Comida

To the surprise of many, Raquel Argandoña was one of the guests at this Saturday’s chapter of The Divine Food. And it is that Quintrala had admitted on several occasions that they had rejected invitations from Chilevisión to be part of the program.

“I don’t want people I don’t like to sit at my table, even if they pay me what they pay me,” he bluntly assured a few months ago, adding that his requirement would be that “I choose my guests.”

However, Quintrala shared with Patricio Sotomayor, Leo Rey and Geraldine Neary in the episode that aired last Saturday.

Raquel’s change of heart was a topic of conversation in I beatwhere the journalist Luis Sandoval gave details of the millionaire agreement reached by Argandoña to agree to participate in the program.

“Undoubtedly Raquel Argandoña is so far the best paid of all the diners who have ever been to The Divine Food”, assured the communicator.

Likewise, Sandoval assured that they did not want to reveal how many millions they had paid Raquel. “But they told me that she is the best paid, because even only three people in Chilevisión know how much she received for being invited,” she revealed.

After this, the journalist gave some details of the agreement that Raquel had reached. Assuring that one of the clauses he asked for was that “the entire team, his guests, the production, all the people who were going to come to his house, could not touch absolutely anything or take it away, because he protects his home a lot.”

Along the same lines, the communicator explained that Kel and Nano Calderón’s mother believes a lot in energy, so she “made a ritual before and after each recording.”

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