“The bad one is her…”: actress of “Yo soy Betty, la fea” unmasked the protagonist of the Colombian soap opera

21 years after the premiere of the popular Colombian series “Yo soy Betty, la fea”, there are still secrets of the production that remain to be revealed.

The actress Natalia Ramírez, recently spoke with the Mexican media “Escandala” about her character Marcela Valencia, the love interest of Armando Mendoza, and therefore, the enemy of the protagonist Betty, played by her colleague Ana María Orozco.

“The viewer has changed the perception of Marcela, now they realize that the bad one is Betty,” the actress of the TV series that was all the rage on Netflix commented with laughter, and that is now being broadcast on Channel 13.

“But it has been over time, because in fact, when we were recording and we talked with Fernando Gaitán (screenwriter) and with the director (Mario Ribero), Fernando told me: ‘Indeed, Betty is the antagonist,'” the star stressed.

“She did nothing but help”

In addition, the interpreter said that it was important to determine the good and the bad in history. “He told me: ‘In every novel and drama organization chart, it is important to establish who are the good guys and who are the bad guys, and my job is to make you see yourself as the bad guy, but she is the bad guy,'” he said. Natalie.

And he added between laughs that: “20 years later they began to realize that it is so.”

“But they put their little things on your character, which works badly for Betty…”. She was interrupted by presenter and artist, Lauren Elyse.

To which Natalia replied: “But look, in real life that is a question of temperament, she (Marcela) had a difficult temperament, strong, demanding, disciplined; she wanted everything to be the way it had to be, and that’s what makes people perceive her as bad”.

And he added that “look at that at tea time, she did nothing but help Sofía, Mariana…”

“He was very helpful!” Elyse replied. “And to women, too!” Finished the 55-year-old actress.

I am Betty the Ugly one
I am Betty the Ugly one

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